Small Music Scene is a Glasgow-based website that has the manifesto of “exposing the best under-the-radar music locally and beyond.”

In its own words, Small Music Scene, which is run by Jason Small, “is dedicated to covering the finest underground music spanning a variety of genres across the country and around the globe.”

It has “not only promoted hundreds of Scottish acts, but many more bands and artists hailing from the likes of England, Wales, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Iceland, Russia, Argentina, Chile and Lithuania.”

Small Music Scene does at least two updates a week, album reviews every Sunday and a singles update every Wednesday, and also provides regular coverage of Glasgow gigs, both locally and of touring acts.

In January it published the Small 100 of 2018, an extensive and detailed list of what it sees as being the best 100 albums of 2018.

Informed and enthusiastic, Small Music Scene is excellent at promoting indie music.

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