It’s hard to see who is happier to have Miles Kane back on tour, his audience or the man himself.

It’s a well trodden cliche and provokes a cringe when artists say they ‘feel at home on stage’ but with Miles it’s clearly true. I’ve followed his career closely since 2010 playing small Liverpool haunts like Mojo and Zanzibar and despite the love/hate perception of the Wirral musician no one can deny that he can put on a show!

His new album 'Coup de Grace' is a welcome addition to two other solo albums and two Last Shadow Puppets LPs, the band he fronts with Arctic Monkey, Alex Turner. With a new album comes a new band set-up and Miles even ditching the guitar for a few tracks to walk about the stage. Moments like these as well as eyeing from his social media that he was gifted a piano for his thirtieth birthday shows he’s intent on developing as an artist, which can only be admired.

Miles has started to don Ziggy style silver make up under his eyes. He loves the performance and the clothes and now make-up have become a part of the live show. This is the first solo tour in years and the crowd clearly love him. His audience seems to be a mix of ages, people that have grown up with him and interestingly teenagers that are the same age as Miles when he started out. At times Miles opens his arms wide like a preacher and gestures the crowd to give more. He knows how to play to the crowd and they enthusiastically oblige.

There’s a solid mixture of tracks from all three albums and even his cover of 'Hot Stuff' makes an outing, a personal highlight amongst fans after it’s become a live staple this tour. Kane is unique in that I believe he’s better experienced live and that’s sadly a rarity these days. So many artists can’t even play what’s on the album. You see how much Miles is loved on tour. He brings people together and sends them home happy. In the end that’s what it’s all about.

Photographs by Marie Hazelwood

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