The highly acclaimed French Canadian band Le Vent du Nord (“wind from the north”) have become a leading force in Quebec's progressive francophone folk movement.

Currently touring the UK and Europe, the group's vast repertoire draws from both traditional sources and original compositions. Their sound owes much to the Celtic - especially Irish - tradition though there is clearly also some influence from Brittany as well as from a variety of global music.

The band were very well received by an audience of thousands at Fairport's Cropredy Convention in August. They are great live performers having played nearly 2000 concerts across five continents and achieved several prestigious awards since their inception some 15 years ago. The quintet all speak English but their music is sung in French. They constantly explore new sounds and their vocal and instrumental arrangements are stunningly original. They cheerfully switch from four part acapella harmonies to charming and uplifting melodies to plaintive yet tuneful ballads. The group clearly have an easy rapport with one another as members happily switch between hurdy-gurdy and keyboards or squeeze boxes and violin or bouzouki with powerful percussive support. Their virtuosity is stunning!

On stage, from the moment they appear, Le Vent du Nord create a joyful atmosphere with their intense and dynamic live performance. It is fascinating to watch them as they extend the bounds of traditional music in their own highly original way!

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