I’ve been watching The Wave Pictures for quite a few years now, since seeing them back the artist Freschard at Wakefield’s Long Division Festival in 2011.

This year The Wave Pictures are releasing two albums, 'Brushes with Happiness' and 'Look Inside your Heart'. With the first of those released already, this June show at Sheffield's Picture House Social is one of the stops on their promotional tour for the record.

Alongside old favourites 'Spaghetti' and 'Stay Here & Take Care Of The Chickens', they play 'The Red Suitcase' and 'The Burnt Match' from the new album. It’s a hot Sunday evening in Sheffield, the kind of evening that the Wave Pictures are made to play, with their carefully constructed, somewhat melancholic songs and bluesy guitar solos offset against slightly surreal lyrics.

I think everyone who made the effort to get out on a Sunday night, with the World Cup playing out in pubs around the city, enjoyed the evening. It was well worth it.

Hopefully there will be another tour later in the year for the second album release of the year for this hard working band.

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