Musicweb-International is a multi-functional website which began in 1995. It is free to users, but cheerfully accepts donations. Although it primariily caters to classical and jazz musicians and aficionados, it also serves as an excellent research site for journalists wishing to branch out and embellish their articles with perspectives from alternative genres. 'In Conversation With' features comprehensive, process-oriented interviews with professionals and are accompanied by attractive portrait shots. Boasting "an additional output of more than 50 disc reviews every week" proves that their staff stays on task. 'Seen and Heard International' includes listings of opera, ballet and theatre events. Articles include everything from the introspective 'Hidden Genius of the Baroque' (Andrew Hartman) to 'Composers on Italian stamps'.

Founder Len Mullenger and Senior Editor John Quinn have wisely encouraged readers to communicate through their easily navigable message board and announcements links. 'Recording of the Month' entries include piano sonatas by Franz Schubert and piano trios by Dmitri Shostakovich. Searching 'music web' reveals a comprehensive index of search engine options, too.

As rock/indie music fans and writers, it's imperative to stretch the envelope, something which prog-rock players and composers have been doing for decades, and which is precisely why can serve as a useful entryway to a myriad of other excellent resources.

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