Cornish-formed but now London-based folk rock sextet Red River Dialect spent late January and early February touring the UK in support of the Weather Station.

The group, which is based around main songwriter David Morris (vocals and guitars),and also presently consists of Simon Drinkwater (guitars), Coral Kindred-Boothby (bass, cello and backing vocals), Robin Stratton (piano and keyboards) and Kiran Bhatt (drums and percussion), has released three previous albums, 'White Diamonds' (2010), 'awellupontheway' (2012) and 'Tender Gold and Gentle Blue' (2014), and its fourth 'Broken Stay Open Sky' came out to coincide with the tour with the Weather Station on Paradise of Bachelors in early February.

These photographs of Red River Dialect were taken by Darren Aston for Pennyblackmusic on the 3rd February on the last night of the tour at a show at Central Library in Liverpool.

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