'3-Song Rule' www.3SongRule.com is the website of London-based but French-born music photographer Angelique Le Marchand,

Angelique moved from Provence to London in 1998, and photographed bands for fourteen years before turning professional last year.

Her website takes its title from the infamous three song rule at gigs in which music photographers are only allowed usually at larger shows to shoot photos during the first three songs of bands' performances.

As Angelique, however, says, "I mostly photograph bands at gigs where this rule doesn't apply, often catching my best photos at the end of a show, where musicians and crowds really get in 'the zone'. The sweatier the gig, the better the shots."

Angelique takes photographs regularly for London-based promoter 'Chaos Theory', and also for online magazines 'Doomed & Stoned', 'Echoes and Dust' and 'Sonic Grave'.

The photographs on '3-Song Rule' consist of both stunning black-and-white and colour photographs of some of the indie and doom/metal bands that Angelique has photographed over the last year. There are galleries amongst many others of Raf & O's Kate Bush tribute The Kick Inside's debut gig, Grave Lines, Sly & The Family Drone, Luminous Bodies, Dystopian Future Movies, Emma Ruth Rundle and Oathbreaker.

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