The Chesterf!elds were, despite hailing from Yeovil, one of the main players in the vibrant indie-pop scene that developed in Bristol in the mid 1980s.

In a similar fashion to The Go-Betweens, the band was formed and centred around two songwriters, Simon Barber and Dave Goldworthy, and were snapped up by Bristol label, Subway Records, for a string of catchy singles and an excellent debut album, 'Kettle', that was released in 1987.

For follow-up album, 'Crocodile Tears', and in keeping with the DIY ethic of the time, the band set up their own Household Records label before initially bowing out with farewell single, 'Fool is the Man' in 1989.

The band briefly reformed for a tour of Japan and a new album, 'Flood',on Vinyl Japan in 1995 before calling time once more.

Sadly, Dave Goldworthy died in a car accident in 2004, but Simon has expanded his current band, Design, to include former Loft guitarist Andy Strickland to create a new Chesterf!elds line-up that also includes Helen Strickland and Rob Parry.

Having already starred at the New York Popfest and 100 Club in London in 2016, the Chesterf!elds played their first Manchester show in over two decades at our recent Bands Night at Gullivers on February 18th. These photographs of their excellent set were taken at the gig by Marie Hazelwood.

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