It is eleven years since the Posies last played Glasgow Ken Stringfellow informed the audience as they took to the Glasgow stage of this tiny venue, which was packed to the rafters. Ken also informed us that it had been a terrible year for the band with the passing of both their drummer Darius Minwalla and bassist Joe Skyward,but it galvanised him and co-founder Jon Auer to finally finish their latest album 'Solid State'. Tonight a synth bass replaces Joe but Frankie Siragusa steps into the shoes of Darius and big shoes they had to be.

The band opened with 'We R Power' from the new record which was pretty much performed in its entirety tonight with both Auer and Stringfellow exchanging vocals and providing some exceptional harmonies. These guys know how to crank it and rock it up.

Jon's 'Unusual Places' was a calming release and a real high, but, however, most of the set was full on and very loud and they also threw in some oldies for the more mature in the audience including 'Dream All Day' from the 'Frosting on the Beater' album.

Throughout the tour they have invited a guest female singer and the Posies and Glasgow were blessed with the presence of ex-Delgado Emma Pollock for 'License to Hide' and 'The Glitter Prize', who made a fine job of them too.

There were many highs in this welcome return. 'M Doll', Auer's 'March Climes' and the mellower 'Squirrel vs Snake' were excellent and 'Solar Sister' and 'Broken Record' were particular favourites of the audience who left satisfied and with their ears ringing blissfully.

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