The Jayhawks have always been well received in Glasgow with or without missing member Mark Olsen. Glasgow always afford a special welcome to the Minneapolis alternative country five piece. With a set pre-picked by the fans it was sure to be a special night. A packed to capacity crowd did not seem to mind a stifling hall. Despite the air conditioning and some dodgy monitoring sound problems, no one seemed to mind though.

The opening chimes of 'Waiting for the Sun' from their third album 'Hollywood Town Hall' was a promise of things to come as the band launched into some of their finest moments. They played a strong selection of tunes from the brand new offering 'Paging Mr. Proust', and 'Pretty Roses in Your Hair' and 'Devil is in Her Eyes' particularly sounded even better live than on the record. The mainstays of Gary Louris, Marc Perlman, Karen Grotberg and drummer Tim O'Reagan were joined by new boy Jeff 'Chet' Lyster who also provided some fine cover by way of lead vocals, most notably on 'Tampa to Tulsa' giving Louris a well earned break whilst he seemed blissfully unaware of a crazed wasp which furiously buzzed around the stage. 'Tailspin', 'Big Star' and the sublime 'Trouble' had the now ecstatic crowd in their element.

'Save It For a Rainy Day' and 'I'd Run Away' from 'Tomorrow the Green Grass' would have been a fitting and fulfilled ending to the proceedings Louris, though, was having none of that with a few acoustic tracks being lovingly delivered including 'Angelyne' before the band rejoined him for another couple before 'Bad Time' rounded off a truly memorable night.

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