The Moulettes may be rooted in folk but with their unpredictability and psychedelic, alternative pop influences, they are not easy to pigeon-hole.

Their instrumentation is edgy, complementing perfectly their beautiful melodies, clever harmonies and narrative lyrics. Plus their stage shows are always dynamic and full of energy. They have been described as “folk rock plus” - experimental, unsettling, sometimes raucous and always switching from dark to light and back again...always avant-garde. And there are hints in their work of traditional roots music, prog rock, Balkan dance, psychedelia and even vaudeville.

As the band's Hannah Miller says, “The Moulettes are whatever you wish them to be. Personally I like being anachronistic and a bit anarchic, too. There is a lot to learn from the past. We like to make complex, original yet relevant music and aim to promote the ideals of peace and harmony through what we do”.

Hannah and bandmates Ruth Skipper (bassoon, autoharp and vocals), Jim Mortimore (bass, moog, guitar and vocals), Ollie Austin (drums, guitar, synth and vocals) and Raevennan Husbandes (guitar, percussion and vocals) have toured extensively and are currently promoting their fourth album, 'Preternatural'.

“Raevennan has joined us for this album,” Hannah explained. “We began Moulettes years back – Ruth, Ollie and I and then later Jim. But the band has evolved with different players coming in and out at different times. Raevennan is a superb singer and guitarist and she has contributed to some lovely three part harmonies. I don't see 'Preternatural' as a folk album though there are some folk-like melodic patterns in the song writing with elements of storytelling too."

“Our instrumentation is unusual with amplified bassoon and acoustic instruments and a five-string electric cello. It was a challenge production-wise blending acoustic, electric and synthesised sound but producer Mike Dennis was a brilliant help. We dug deep into all kinds of musical inspiration – from Led Zeppelin to Billie Holiday, Frank Zappa, Leonard Cohen, Bobby Gentry to Bjork, Janelle Monae and Tom Waits. We love unique, eclectic music and try to make each live performance far more than just another gig...a full-on sensory assault is the aim.

“We are excited about the new album and our tour. We have new songs, a light show and costumes - much more of a full production than before. And it is great to be back on the road.”

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