A great deal has already been written about the recent death of Terry Wogan, aged 77, who was without doubt one of the country's most popular and capable broadcasters. His wry, self-mocking wit, his wonderfully easy, relaxed Irish manner, his inherent decency, courtesy and great charm all combined to guarantee him huge popularity over five decades.

He was also highly intelligent, well-read and with a very sharp musical ear. Singers Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua were among many big names who became best-selling artists thanks to Wogan's belief in them and his practical support. He would rave to all who listened privately and publicly about the artists he believed in – from singers like Ruby Turner or Sam Brown to some of the younger generation of performers like Ireland's Cara Dillon or the talented Oxfordshire singer-songwriter Megan Henwood who are still climbing towards well-deserved acclaim.

I only met Terry Wogan on a handful of occasions and cannot claim to have known him at all well. But from that brief acquaintance it was evident that there was a real sense of fun about him combined with a mild rebelliousness, a disarming lack of ego and an intolerance of any pomposity in himself or anyone else. Plus there was a real spirit of generosity – not least towards those whom he rightly recognised as talented musicians. This practical and invaluable support for a range of deserving artists deserves to be remembered along with Terry's many other virtues.

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