The Pink Diamond Revue are an electro-punk duo who play in front of a big screen projecting images they have cut up themselves from old B-movies. The Reading band have recently signed to Oxford label All Will Be Well. The trio have played in venues across the UK and in Europe. Currently they are working on the their first 12” single release. I spoke to their guitarist Tim Lane.

PB: So for those readers who may not be aware of the Pink Diamond Revue, can you tell us about your music and line up?

TL: The Pink Diamond Revue consist of our front person Acid Dol, guitarist Tim Lane and drummer Robert Courtman Stock.

Our music consists of live drums and guitar. We do not have a vocalist and this allows us more freedom to experiment with spoken word, samples and beats. We hope the listener can interpret our songs their own way and not concentrate on vocals.

PB: You've played all over the UK and Europe. Tells us about some of your bigger gigs.

TL: We headlined Clarence Festival this year in Wakefield and the Clik Clik stage at Nozstock. Nozstock was the perfect stage setting for us looking like a cross between a scene from a spaghetti western and 'Twin Peaks' and the crowd were just as crazy.

Other memorable shows include Worcester, Brighton, Reading, Leicester, Tufnell Park and Deptford. We have played nearly a hundred shows in the last two years.

PB: The Pink Diamond Revue are noted as a Reading band. Do you both originate from the area?

TL Yes.

PB: Which bands and artists provide inspiration for your music?

TL: Elvis, Northern Soul, 1930’s Jazz

PB: You play against a backdrop of B movie scenes. Who and how do you choose the films?

TL: A lot of the back drop film is actually filmed by us and features Acid Dol .We also have some oil projectors which we have used and some old cine film I made years ago. There are some random clips from old B movies mixed in there as well.

The aim is for the live show to be a visual as well as aural experience.

PB: The Pink Diamond Revue recently signed with All Will Be Well Records. What's the story?

TL: All Will Be Well Records are a cool label. Ian Mitchell has some great ideas and his enthusiasm for the bands on the label is a great asset. It is a not for profit label run by volunteers using social media and live showcases to promote bands. We are glad to be a part of that and look forward to working with the label.

PB: You will be part of an All Will Be Well Records showcase gig at the Bullingdon Arms in Oxford on December 3rd, launching All Will Be Well artists. Are you excited to be part of the lineup?

TL: Yeah, we look forward to all our shows. This one is special as it is our first gig with All Will Be Well Records.

PB) What are your plans in going forward in terms of gigs, tours, festivals, more releases?

TL: We are just finishing the mixes to our first release which will be a 12’’ single. This will coincide with a video which we are filming next month. The video tells the story of a boy who falls in love with Acid Dol and wants to run away with her.

There is a possibility that we are providing the music for a Norwegian play and this would involve playing live at the performances all over Europe at the end of next year.

We will also continue to play as much as possible.

PB: Thank you.

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