Lower Than Atlantis arrive at Manchester Academy on the back of an eleven date tour that has seen them sell out venues across the UK and Ireland.

The band walk onto the stage from behind a sea of blinding white lights and with the theme music to 'Star Wars' booming out across the hall. The four memmbers of the group stand on specially constructed platforms with only their silhouettes, which are shrouded in smoke, initally visible.

They open with 'Criminal', their latest single which is the cue for the crowd to start the first of what is much mosh pit activity. Although Lower Than Atlantis play tracks from all four of their albums, their latest self-titled offering rightly takes up the majority of what is a very structured and accomplished set list.

With the introduction of 'Emily' and 'Kids in America' further mosh pits begin to spring up over the hall. They slow down the pace for the appreciative crowd with an acoustic version of 'Another Sad Song'. You know that you have got it right when you play an acoustic version of a song, and the crowd sings back every single word. It something that is so simple yet so poignant, but adds another highlight to what is becoming a very memorable gig.

The last song of the set is 'Here We Go', which produces possibly the biggest mass mosh pit of the evening. The crowd go home knowing they have been involved in a great gig, from a band that are growing in stature. For many a festival-goer this summer Lowe Than Atlantis are going to be a must see act.

Photos by Billy Seagrave

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