There seems little doubt that we are in an era of 90’s comebacks, for tonight’s Big Slice “presents “James Atkin, the former front man with EMF. As headline act.

The Big Slice has become a hot bed of up-and-coming music in and around Manchester. Booked to support James are Bones, the Demons of Ruby Mae, and the Narrows.

Bones open proceedings. A boy/girl group, they come out and put forward a set that quite simply lays the foundations of a night of excellent music.

The Demons of Ruby Mae are another duo, featuring synthesized keyboards and guitar, which perfectly blend with Jonny Gavin’s voice. On any other evening they could have easily been the headline act, and are definitely a band to watch.

The last of the support acts, the Narrows have a no nonsense approach. A threesome of bass, electric guitar and synthesiser, these guys have come to entertain, and once again are an act to keep an eye on.

James Atkin takes to the stage to predominately promote ‘A Country Mile’, his latest solo offering.

There is no mistaking James’s voice. It was his signature when in EMF, and the same distinctive tones are brought to the fore on ‘Corresponder’ and ‘Cascade’.

James seems fully immersed in his current work. There is a familiarity to ‘Terminal Velocity’ and my favourite ‘Love Blind’, all of which are current and on trend for those with the appetite for 90’s synth pop. The album is bursting with great melodies, fantastic hooks and deeply personal lyrics. All are delivered here with the same care and craft here as if they being produced in the studio.

It’s not been difficult for this crowd to let themselves go. When James finally unleashes ‘Unbelievable’ probably EMF’s best known hit, it’s the queue for a 90’s style rave, before he finally finishes with ‘I Believe’,

Thankfully most of the crowd have pulled themselves back off the ceiling by the time the lights are turned off.

Photos by Billy Seagrave

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