Micah Paul Hinson is an American singer-songwriter. While he was born in Memphis, Tennessee, he has spent much of his life in Abeline, Texas.

His remarkable 2004 debut album, 'Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress', has been reissued in a beautiful repackage by the French label Talitres with a bonus track 'Can't Change a Thing', which is in very good company here on this heartfelt and astonishingly honest debut.

'Close Your Eyes' opens this fine collection and is a slow ballad. The record is pretty downbeat throughout, but, lovingly arranged, involves incredible strings, melatron, melodica, piano and countless other instruments.

Hinson has struggled with drink, drugs and homelessness. This is very evident in 'Beneath the Rose', which features upright bass and finger picking guitar. 'The Possibilities' is acoustic and sparse, but absolutely compelling. 'I Still Remember' and 'The Nothing' continues the slow ballad theme.

Sarah Lewes' dual vocal and some stunning string arrangements make 'Stand in My Way' an outstanding track, and the magnificent 'Patience' is simply an incredible piece of work. Every track on this record is, however, highly recommended. Those new to his work will hopefully go on from hearing this to seeking out all of his other releases.

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