Bristolian post punkers the Pop Group reformed in 2010 for the first time since 1981. Tonight they are supported by local electro pop DJs Finitribe, who gleefuly mix cocktails during their set. The packed venue doesn't seem to mind this though, and are anticipating a great night of angry punk/funk fused mayham from the seminal post punk sadly missing for most of the last thirty-five years. The room has plenty of fellow Scottish musicians in the audience, whom have been clearly influenced by the band .

Front man Mark Stewart, adorned in a head band, leads the band out. It is clear instantly that the Pop Group are not only thoroughly rehearsed, but completely up for for this event.

Genius or lunatic, Stewart may have put a few pounds on but nothing is holding him back as he spews out his profound lyrics. The buzzsaw guitar of Gareth Sager and pounding bass of Dan Catsis are held together by Stewart's vocals and the manic beat of drummer Bruce Smith.

Opening with 'Trap', they perform their 1980 third album, 'We Are Time', pretty much in full bar the rather strange ommision of 'Springer'. It is a stuningly high octane performance and the crowd are definitely glad they came out. Stewart lets them know that "This is the best venue in England" to some ironic cheers, before they end their set predictably with the closing track 'We Are Time', but return for an encore of their iconic and fantastic single, 'We Are All Prostitutes'.

A really unmissable show.

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