Pennyblackmusic in conjunction with the Wickerman Festival presented an eclectic seven act bill at new club The River in Glasgow on the 7th June.

The main act was former Hipsway and Cowboy Mouth front-man Grahame Skinner, who played his first ever solo acoustic gig with us. All acts played twenty-five minute sets, and also on the bill were psych-jazz-pop-rock outfit Big Hogg; young East Kilbride rock outfit the Aviators; strings-soaked Eastern European-influenced new band A New International; 60’s pop-inspired multi-instrumentalists the Wellgreen; acoustic folk artist Nicola Black and ukulele-playing Dumfries-based 16-year old Zoe Bestel.

This double feature of photographs from Bill Gray features some of the
highlights of the evening.

Bill’s first gallery consists of

1. Grahame Skinner
2. Grahame Skinner
3. A New International
4. A New International
5. The Wellgreen
6. The Wellgreen.

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