The Cure remain special in my eyes, even though it is twenty-five years now since I became a hardcore fan. Tonight's show was the first to go on sale but they added a bonus date, which like this gig again sold out in record time. As the band have no new record to promote, the set list was pretty much a secret beforehand but they played the same set on both nights, coming on at 7.40 p.m. and finally leaving the stage long past the Royal Albert Hall's standard curfew time at 11.15 p.m. When you pay £116.50 a ticket though, you expect a decent performance.

Tonight's show was my first Cure show in two and a half years since their last gig at the same venue, and when they played their first 3 LPs, 'Three Imaginary Boys' (1979), 'Seventeen Seconds' (1980) and 'Faith (1981) in full. They plan on returning to this format later in the year and doing another three LPs, this time being 1984's 'The Top', 1985's 'Head on the Door' and 1987's double album 'Kiss Me, Kiss me, Kiss Me'.

Tonight we get over three and a half hours of top solid Cure magic. They play a set of forty five songs in total and hit after hit. A few of these songs are not personal favourites, but these weaker Cure moments if nothing else remind the audience the band have moved on since their 1980's heyday. There are enough golden moments shared with the mainly foreign audience that show the Cure are far from old and have enough energy in them to carry on for another twenty-five years. A truly wonderful evening.

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