In the United Kingdom on her first solo tour to promote her debut solo album entitled 'Diploid Love', Mrs Josh Homme, who is better known as the Aussie singer-songwriter Brody Dalle (formerly of the Distillers and Spinerette). began her set at the Academy 2 in Manchester on the 22nd April with the first track from her new album, 'Rat Race'. Striding out full of confidence, with bedraggled bleached blonde locks falling over her beautiful face, and encased in leopard print leggings and wearing tattoos and attitude, she took the guitar and completely owned it, setting the bar for others to follow, although at times it was hard not to see flashes of Courtney Love.

It was almost a sold out show, short of a hundred or so, and she completely captivated the crowd. The front row was filled with bright shiny faces, all mostly female, as she is such an iconic female performer. The set featured six new songs, which included 'Don't Mess with Me', 'Blood in Gutters', and 'Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy' (on the new album this features vocals by Shirley Manson of Garbage). Old favourites emerged early on such as the Distillers' 'I am a Revenant', 'Dismantle Me' and 'Die on a Rope', while post-Distillers Spinerette numbers like 'Ghetto Love', were given that special dose of raw and screeching punky grunge. Brody is back in business. Don't mess with her and give the new album a whirl!

Set List:

Rat Race
Don't Mess with Me
I am a Revenant
Die on a Rope
Dismantle Me
Blood in Gutters
Meet the Foetus/Oh the Joy
Sick of It All
Sing Sing/Bullet
Ghetto Love
Hybrid Moments
Parties for Prostitutes
Coral Fang
Blackest Years

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