Since a fair share of this world understands and enjoys hearing the French language, the reissue of Manu Chao's 2004 LP will come in as a pleasant surprise to many of them. Switch off if you don't like melody and words. Manu Chao's 'Me Gustas Tu' counts as supermarket muzak in my country. It is a true highlight when going shopping if you ask me, yet in the UK that classic touch unfortunately disappears in vapours. After the global success of his 2001 album 'Próxima Estación: Esperanza' going #1 pretty much anywhere except for Britain and the US, who failed to understand it, Manu Chao became a role model against the tyranny of neo-capitalism.

The re-issue of 'Siberie M'Etait Contéee' shouldn't be seen as bringing in something spectacularly new. Ultimately, Manu Chao's 2004 album reminds us of how stupid we've been over the past decade. Whereas Damon Albern ruined the music of Amadou et Mariam, on this album Manu Chao proves, on for example 'Siberie fleuve amour', exactly why he, and not Damon, should be sitting in the presidential chair. Now upon its reissue, 'Siberie M'Etait Contéee' counts as a stance against social frigidity. A very welcome reissue, yet one which is without a true concept and beyond context.

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