I knew little or nothing of this U.S. quartet who apparently have been kicking up a fuss over their honest good old-fashioned attitude to kick ass rock and roll. I am so glad my Baltimore friend tipped me a wink on this as it was the best live show I've seen in over five years. Not only was this their first UK date, but it was their FIRST European show, an honour indeed as the crowd which witnessed it were treated to a full octane explosion of chaotic rock and roll played with pure gusto.

They opened with a couple of songs from their self-titled debut album,’Full Growing Man’ and the ultra catchy ‘Don't Break the Needle,’ with front-man J. Roddy Walston bouncing around crazed on his electric piano backed with some wonderful riffs and the tightest of rhythm systems in the shape of Logan Davis (bass) and Steve Colmus (drums). It is also worth mentioning the outrageous guitar skills and backing vocals of Billy Gordon.

They have a brand new record out next month and with the strength of tracks as strong as ‘Take It’ and the magnificent ‘Heavy Bells’ it really could not get any better, could it? It, however, did! A cover of the Little Richard classic ‘Lucille’ would not have been bettered by Little Richard at his best, and the crowd were now as animated as the frantic band. Plenty more madness followed with another few great tunes, ‘Used to Did‘ being a fine example of this.

I doubt I will ever get the chance to see this band in this kind of small club environment ever again, but I'm so grateful that I was present to witness this. Check these guys out! They will be superstars very soon.

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