This gig was the second of two completely sold out nights at the beautiful West-End converted church Oran Mor, which was an almost perfect fit for the former Commotions front man and now solo artist.

He played the simplest of sets with just a couple of acoustic guitars and a music stand. Cole entered the arena with Camera Obscura's 'Lloyd I'm Ready to be Heartbroken' on the backing tape, which is a "notes" to an answersong to his old hit, 'Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken'? He then proceeded to deliver an impressive set of songs which ran from the older hits of his sublime and acclaimed 1984 debut album 'Rattlesnakes' to his latest 'Standards' album. Most of the songs were condensed to about 60% of their original length, but that only meant more for the impressed audience. The show was at times more like a stand up show from a comedian as he delivered some deadpan humour between previous hits like 'Cut Me Down' and 'No Blue Skies', as well as seldom heard gems like 'Pretty Blue' from the second studio album 'Easy Pieces', plus also a cover of Leonard Cohen's 'Chelsea Hotel'.

After leaving the stage after an hour for a short "interval", Lloyd re-appeared to deliver another full hour of newer songs like 'No Truck', and had everyone participate with 'Hey Rusty','Perfect Skin' and 'Lost Weekend'. The evening was brought to a close with an encore of 'Are You Ready to be Heartbroken? after which Lloyd offering to "sign anything", which created a queue like a January sale at his merchandise stall, where he took the time out to meet and greet his adoring fanbase.

A very slick and worthwhile show.

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