San Francisco’s the Dodos have been together as a band for quite a number of years, but I would be lying if I said I was aware of them up until recently. Before the gig I had heard a few songs from the band's new album 'Carrier' (which is in fact their fifth), but I headed to the first of two consecutive nights at Hoxton Bar and Grill with an open mind.

In 2012 the band’s touring guitarist and former Women member Chris Reimer sadly passed away suddenly, and since then singer Meric Long has stated that Reimer was a huge influence on his guitar playing. The Dodos, consisting of Long and drummer Logan Kroeber, felt it right to continue.

The sold out crowd in Hoxton consisted of some loyal fans as there were a number of people singing along to many of the songs, including one guy who enthusiastically bobbed along continuously at the front and looked to be having the time of his life.

What I found most noticeable about the Dodos is how difficult it is to compare them to other bands. They have been mentioned in the same breath as the Shins and Cloud Control, but they really do have a very unique sound. The two guitars and the excellent percussion provided by Kroeber blended together to create a haunting, eerie sound and, combined with Long’s charming soft vocals, it was really quite mesmerising.

Particular highlights in the set were ‘Substance’ and ‘Confidence’, and ‘Stranger’ provided complex instrumentals.

I left the gig wanting to hear more of this band which is I guess can only be a good thing!

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