Aaaand I'm back. I know, in and out like a yo-yo. This month I've chosen a blog I came across when soliciting favourite album posts for my own blog
'The Daily Waffle' styles itself as "a blogging network with something for everyone." They liked my blog as much as I liked theirs so now I write for them too, about music naturally. But how does a blog that covers everything from Birmingham to Batman come about? Who is the ringmaster coordinating a creative circus where anything and everything is being waffled about?

Peter Dyke, its editor, set me straight about everything 'Waffle' related.

FIONA: Can you tell us little bit about yourself?

PETER: I'm 33 years old, I'm married with one beautiful daughter. I'm currently at the beginning of a long road to studying for a degree in Mathematics part time via the Open University, and being born and raised in Salford I'm an ardent follower of Manchester United. I'm a member of British Mensa and I invented the set square (I may have made the last one up).

FIONA: What inspired you to set up 'The Daily Waffle'?

PETER: I'd been blogging for a Manchester United fan blog called 'The Faithful' at the time, and only been blogging in general for a couple of months. I really enjoyed writing, but wanted to spread my wings so to speak and write about things other than football.

I had a look about for somewhere I could write about different topics but really struggled to find somewhere, as blogs are generally genre specific, so I decided to create my own. So with no clue what I was doing, no writers and a massive amount of blind faith, I launched 'The Daily Waffle'.

FIONA: Did you decide to include the different types of waffle such as creative, geeky and serious waffle from the beginning or did the blog grow?

PETER: At the start, Sarah (my partner in crime) and I came up with a list of topics you'd expect from a general news site, and tried to write to fill them as much as possible. It quickly became evident that was a rubbish idea so we tailored our categories to fit in with the writers who write for us at the time. As the months rolled on, we kind of got a settled list and that is what you see today. Now, if we pick up a blogger who wants to write about something specific, we'd add a new 'waffle' for them.

FIONA: How do you choose what topics to cover? Or do they choose you?

PETER: We cover virtually anything at 'The Daily Waffle', so I've never really written about specific topics as such. When we first started out I was was trying to write about current affairs, but these days I tend to fill the gaps where they are needed. So in essence, the other writers choose what I write about these days by not writing about it themselves.

FIONA: How do you interact with your readers?

PETER: We have a number of methods for interaction. We have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Tumblr blog, a Pinterest site and of course the comments sections on the individual articles. We also have an email address for people to contact us directly.

FIONA: What's the best thing about blogging?

PETER: Hmm, the best thing about blogging for me would be the chance to express myself through my writing. Knowing that one day I can write an article about the launch of a new Apple device and the next I can write about exercises for curing writers' block. I can skip from topic to topic as I see fit, and that sort of creative freedom is extremely appealing to me.

FIONA: And the worst?

PETER: With a doubt, writers' block. I suffer from it quite a lot, so tend to write in spurts, but it's a horrible feeling when you sit down to write and there is nothing there. The link between your thoughts and your fingers is gone and words desert you. But I've learned a few exercises along the way to help with that, and I try to just step away now rather than climb the walls with frustration.

FIONA: Why should Pennyblack readers come and check out 'The Daily Waffle'?

PETER: Because every time you do, an angel gets their wings....... Oh, and there is something on there for everyone.

FIONA: Thank you.

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