The fact that the sunshine has finally reached Manchester means there is only a sparse crowd in the Ruby Lounge tonight, even though 80's hit-makers the Primitives are headlining. However it doesn't detract from Cardiff twee-poppers the School putting on a good show in support, despite being a tentacle short of their usual octet with second violinist Steph absent.

Keen to promote their just released stonking second album on Elefant Records entitled 'Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything', six of their ten song set are taken from it. Indeed, they open with lead single from the album 'Never Thought I'd See The Day' which sets the pace nicely for a classy collection of 60's girl group indebted pop, the highlights being 'That Boy Is Mine' and 'Stop That Boy', both of which could sit easily on greatest hits compilations by Sandie Shaw or Petula Clark.

Singer and keyboard player Liz Hunt is the obvious focal point, but her songs are wonderfully fleshed out by Ryan (bass), Ivan (guitar), Harri (guitar and percussion) and Rich (drums) along with Kay on violin, who is coyness personified, and Fran who smiles throughout when she is not belting out some fine trumpet parts that belie her slight frame.

They finish the set in great fashion with 'Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again?', 'All I Wanna Do' from debut album 'Loveless Unbeliever' and a grear cover of Jonathan Richman's 'When He Kisses Me', but sadly the bell goes all too soon and the School are over.

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20735 Posted By: Myshkin (London)

Just a thought, if education secretary Michael Gove gets his wishes will the group be forced to change their name to Academy?

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