“We are the motherfucking Computers. Your souls will be saved by rock and roll.” That is this band’s introduction of themselves. It also appears to be their mission statement.

A blend of fifties rock turned up too loud and then amplified some more, combined with a heavy dash of punk hardcore, the Computers are a screamingly good time, fronted by singer Alex who definitely prefers being among the riot of the crowd to being onstage and who may have actually claimed to have invented rock and roll at one point in the night’s gig.

While a remarkably enthusiastic crowd – given the band are the support act – attempts the usual mosh-pit smash and grab and smash, the band get on giving them the perfect soundtrack. That may have something to do with the similarities in musical approach and overall attitude to the nights headliners, the mighty Pulled Apart By Horses.

And as the Computers near the end of their programme for the night, Alex addresses the crowd with another line that encapsulates their outlook: “Take care of each other, but tear this place apart.”

This is violent, screaming noise. With heart.

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