There is much to love about this new Doors book. In its 291 pages and within its 50 chapters, it has a lot of information, both old and new, about the Doors. I have been a Doors fan for about the same time as the writer, Rich Weidman, and 'FAQ' isn't so much to me really a FAQ but more of a Doors A-Z. It covers influences, heroes, concerts and recordings, as well as being packed with all the usual facts about the Dead Door.

As A Doors fan, I like the mystery of the Doors and this book goes well behind what Jim was reading, whom he stole ideas from and whom he quoted. It is without doubt one of the better books on the subject matter out there, and the pictures source alone make it worth its price alone. It is also the most up-to-date book, covering things as such as whom is currently fronting Manzarek-Kreiger Band and 'When You're Strange', the recent Doors documentary film.

I felt my knowledge of the Doors had increased after reading this. It does leave a few crucial facts out such as that, not only did Ray Manzarek produce Echo and The Bunnymen, but he also played the solo on their version of 'People Are Strange' and live with them in the States. That said though, it is an essential piece of essays worthy of room on Doors' fans bookcases. File next to 'No One Here Gets Out Alive' and both the books on Elektra Records.

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