JEFF The Brotherhood is one of the rising forces on Nashville’s lively garage rock scene. The real-life brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall have not only been making themselves a name as tireless tourers but also granting wider exposure to their musical peers via the Infinity Cat label co-founded by father Robert Ellis Orrall. Having upped their profile with a record deal via Warner Bros., a well-received 2011 album ‘We Are the Champions’, late night show appearances and, oddly enough, by backing Insane Clown Posse on a single released on Jack White’s Third Man label, it seems likely they’ll be seeing a wider audience on their latest tour.

That was certainly the case for their Ottawa show. Even on a Monday, Babylon was looking very full. This may in part be due to their popular opening acts, Dagger Eyes and the White Wires.

Dagger Eyes were born out of shouty local quartet The Suppositories, and still play some of that band’s material. Their minimalist and occasionally brutalist art-punk is heavily inspired by Wire and sounded exceptionally tight. It inspired one audience member to start his own (highly annoying) personal mosh pit.

The White Wires are one of Ottawa’s most popular acts, and the news they would be retiring to the studio to work on the sequel to the Dirtnap-released ‘WWII’ (to be called, of course, ‘WWIII’) likely encouraged a few folks to show up to bounce along to a brief but energetic set that included a cover of the Ramones ‘I Need Your Love’ and ended with a request for ‘Ha Ha Holiday’.

Finally the brothers Orrall took the stage. Enshrouded in a cloud of white smoke, illuminated from within by a single flood light, all that was visible was the bare outline of Jaymin Orrall’s drums.

Soon enough, waves of fuzz-guitar emerged from the murk. Jake’s voice is a bit like River Cuomo’s, and the breakup-oriented material on the band’s latest album has launched many Weezer comparisons, although Jake’s three-string Perspex-bodied custom guitar means that riffs are a lot more common than leads.

“This our third time here,” observed Jake. “But our first time on stage.” Indeed, at previous gigs, they played off the floor, but their burgeoning audience has changed that.

Soon enough, the crowd was jumping up and down (and, due to that one annoying mosher, occasionally rebounding) to the band’s lovelorn distorto rock.

Next time their never-ending tours take them through town, I think JEFF the Brotherhood can expect a full-house, Monday or not.

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