We are not amused. There is a queue stretching round the corner of the Factory and people aren’t happy. A friend Facebooks me advising the Dum Dum Girls have just updated their status to "having dinner"! I delightfully inform her it should be "playing live on stage as people have to work in the fucking morning."

Finally after an hour a half they start letting us in and it can’t come to soon. People are restless and peeved off. Four piece all girl bands, eh!

Support act Veronica Falls are delightfully gloomy reminding me of a more indie Siouxsie and the Banshees while Geordie lot, Retriever, do the business as many of the crowd are fellow Geordies.

As for the Dum Dum Girls, while they are a tight four piece there’s no crowd interaction and we are treated to an emotionless set. This being a Sunday many people including myself are up past their bedtime and subsequently leave half way through.

While I cannot knock the Dum Dum’s choice of material as they stick mainly to new offering 'Only in Dreams', they could have played a few more of the classics.

All in all, we are contented in the end and leave sunny California for damp and cold Manchester in November. Bliss.

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