Leeds band Submotion Orchestra were on their first tour after hitting this year's festivals and came to their home town to blow the doors off local venue, the Brudenell Social Club.

The mammoth sound system that powers the club is simply total driven dynamite and its balance and acoustic tuning is superb. The seven-piece Submotion Orchestra came on around 11 p.m. in front of the sell-out crowd and it immediately becamse apparent that this was not so much a band playing, but a fully fledged musical happening.

Lead singer Ruby Wood can sing beautifully and she is also very pleasant on the eye as well. Percussion, trumpets, bongo-type hand drums, keyboards and a meaty bass helped Ruby to deliver about an hour and a half's worth of vocal beauty. They are an orchestra in their own truly unique way and I am now a fan for life because of the classy and cool vibes that glided off the stage .

Whatever album or download you can buy, I advise you to get it. Then put your best pair of headphones on and forget about the next hour or so because you are going on a journey and there is no getting off until it ends.

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