Never is the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” more true than seeing Airship playing live.

Half the band look like they should be sat with Jesus at the last supper and drummer, Steve Griffiths, is a dead-ringer for Johnny Borrell, complete with white t-shirt. It could easily make you head for the bar without hearing a single note.

Tonight’s well informed audience, who fill most of the tight space in the faded grandeur of The Kings Arms live room, however, are not fickle and as such enjoy a stunning set that includes every track form the just released debut LP, 'Stuck in This Ocean'.

On record Airship sound vast in the way that Puressence or even Echo & The Bunnymen can, but live they are positively cavernous without losing any of the intricate fretwork of Marcus Wheeldon that makes these songs so special in the first place. Elliot Williams’ voice is, if anything, even better live and has that same warmth as Ian McCulloch, while still sounding unique.

Bass player, Tom Dyball, is also a key cog in this four-piece, providing, in conjunction with Griffiths, the ideal rhythmic framework for Wheeldon and Williams to weave their impressive talents.

Opening couplet ‘Algebra’ and ‘Invertebrate’ are a triumphant start that instantly win over anyone who has not been exposed to their music before, but the strength of their set is nothing short of incredible for a band still in its infancy.

‘Spirit Party’ and recent single ‘Kids,’ that should have been an absolute smash in a just world, probably take the honours, but there are no troughs in their mountain range.

This band will be huge.

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