Recently reformed Minnesota-based band the Jayhawks‘ third album and major label debut, ‘Hollywood Town Hall’, has just been re-released in a remastered version with bonus tracks.

‘Waiting For the Sun’ opens this 1992 album, and, while sharing a title with a Doors song, is a classy Americana track that has you instantly dreaming of Sunny Californian beaches, semi-naked blondes and fast cars. It is like a modern day Beach Boys number, a cool slice of summer sunshine that ends up with a Neil Young/Crazy Horse groove at the end of it.

‘Crowded in the Wing’ is a dreamy Sunday morning number, a song to wile away your troubles too. ‘Clouds’ has more grit to it and, a toe tapper, is like an upbeat John Denver or Neil Diamond number.

‘Two Angels’ is a song to sway along too. The Jayhawks sound on it like an American Crowded House. It has a sweet taste to it that brings a flavour of California to your senses. ‘Take Me With You (When You Go) is a gentle number, which, beginning sounding like latter-period country era Byrds, once again ends in Neil Young style.

‘Sister Cry’ has a smooth country glide, while ‘Settled Down Like Rain’ is very pleasant and easy-on-the ear.

‘Wichita’ is as smooth as classic Squeeze, a happy tune, while ‘Nevada, California' is a slow burning song to sway too and a perfect end of the day tune. ‘Martin's Song’, which ends the original album, is a well-paced number and good closer.

The bonus tracks include five unreleased tracks. The first of these is ‘Leaves No Gold’, which is a cool rocker that is fast in pace. ‘Keith and Quentin’ is a bar room country track, which is both catchy and very infectious, and ‘Up Above My Head’ is a song to drink along too. ‘Warm River’ and ‘Mother Trust You to Walk to the Store’ are, however, both disappointing, and let the rest of this otherwise excellent album down.

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