Carl Barat, and I like to call him the one with the real talent from the Libertines, has always been the Andrew Ridgeley of indie when it comes to recognition.

Judging by tonight’s show in the intimate Deaf Institute I say this guy should forget about the mess that is his ‘other band’. At least it would stop Pete Doherty from burgling him for smack.

Messrs Barat and his backing band are in fine form, kicking off with title song, ‘Je Regrette, Je Regrette'. This is a slab of indie magic and what the fans have been waiting for.

Barat, while using tonight's gig as a showcase for his new self-titled debut solo album, does treat the 350+ audience to some songs from his other band’s catalogue. Barat treats to a us a few of the under-rated Dirty Pretty Things' ditties as well including 'Deadwood' and ‘Bang Bang'.

While I am sure many of the twenty something audience were there to see Carl from the Libertines, it is great to see many people aren’t just hangers on, showboating and waiting from anything from 'Up the Bracket'. And, yes he does 'Up the Bracket' and 'Time for Heroes' which makes it a great night for everyone. Carl Barat, the one with the talent.

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