The last time I saw the Screening was at a local Leicester park. Tonight they are a long way from home, but I am glad I am spending the night with them, even though there is decent competition in London this evening with Warpaint at the Scala and the wonderful sometime Psychedelic Furs doing their 1981 second album, ‘Talk, Talk, Talk’, at the Forum.

The Screening, four young lads from Leicester, play for a mere half an hour and it seems like I have been listening to them forever. Their set is only seven songs long, but at least three of these sound like singles to my ears. They are not just singles, but classics to jump around to and to celebrate your life too.

The Screening are a fucking great band. See them now at small venues while you still can because they won't be there for very long.

Set List:

Let's Go Swimming
Girls are Pretty
Red Room
You Look Much Better in the Dark

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