Support artist Cate Le Bon’s 2009 effort 'Me Oh My' hardly set the world on fire but on the after tonight’s performance perhaps those that opted for the Florence route over Cate’s Welsh charms might just want to back track a little and give her another try. There was a fantastic moment during 'No One Can Drag Me Down' where the sold out Villagers crowd give her their full attention as they found themselves hooked in by the songs subtle yet delicious melody. But no matter how good she was going to be tonight the audience were here for one thing. To play a bit part in the rise and rise of Conor J. O’Brien’s folk dream.

With his profile sky high after Villagers' recent Mercury Prize nomination and the simple fact that you can no longer even turn on the TV without hearing one of his songs playing over an advert it would seem the stars are aligning for this Irish hero.

Tonight with his full band in tow he played a stormer. The only low point was what should have been the highlight. The stunning single 'Becoming a Jackal' looked as if it had been aired one too many times. It felt like Conor was going through the motions, but he sure did pick himself up again because 'Pieces' was simply huge. As he literally howled his way through the ending of the song it became clear that when ever his next record hits as long as he doesn’t release an experimental Italian House LP that Villagers are about to become massive. The girls at the front were swooning and the boys at the bar were open jawed as he brought the show to a close, just Conor in the centre of the stage, no house lights, just one spotlight beaming onto his tiny frame. If this is the future of folk then sign us up now.

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