The indie folk-country-punk inspired Texan normally doesn’t travel this light, with just himself and his acoustic guitar. This was despite too the lush arrangements of his new record, ‘Micah P Hinson and the Pioneer Saboteurs’. In a brief chat with him prior to the performance, Hinson was in the process of apologizing for not having a band with him, but before he had even finished that statement he was taking it back claiming, "If a song does not stand up to a solo performance ,then it probably ain't good enough anyway." How refreshingly honest and that pretty much capped this incredible performance.

Micah opened with ‘A Call to Arms’, the first track on the new album, during which he puffed away furiously on a faux cigarette. The songs were incredibly fragile and commanded complete silence which Hinson achieved throughout his set from the packed, appreciative audience. Hinson's hilarious tales between killer tracks like ‘Seven Horses Seen’,‘Take Off That Dress for Me‘ and ‘My God, My God’ had the crowd believing they were actually at a stand up comedy night, normally a dangerous pastime in quick-witted Glasgow, but no one even attempted a heckle. Stripped back tracks from his previous release, ‘The Red Empire Orchestra’ included ‘The Fire Came Up to My Knees’ and the magnificent ‘Tell Me it Ain’t So’. The encores included ‘I Can't Help Falling in Love’ and ‘This Old Guitar’ from his ‘All Dressed Up’ album and capped an amazing performance.

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