'The Posters Came from the Walls' is an intriguing glimpse into the obsessiveness and downright craziness of Depeche Mode fans.

Depeche Mode, like the Cure have a particularly fanatical fan base bordering on the ludicrous. The usual mix of confused teenagers, middle-aged parent and wannabes/ look-alikes do the rounds in this documentary.

I first thought this was a bit tedious. but this a touching documentary showing what Basildon’s finest mean to their fans throughout the world.

In one excerpt an English fan tells of a time when he was homeless and somehow managed to raise the funds to see them at a memorable Crystal Palace gig. He goes on to explain that this gig was the turning point of his life, the catalyst from him to get off the streets and make a life for himself.

While the Mode is to be honest relatively successful back here in old blighty, their success\messianic worship in Russia, the US and Germany is almost unfathomable.

The sight of one middle aged fan reduced to giddy school girl is almost unsettling as she shows her collection of sketches of the band.

Russian fans in particularly go a bit too far. Coincidentally Dave Gahan’s birthday falls on Russian Victory Day which Depeche Mode fans have strangely renamed ‘Dave Day’.

German fans reminisce of Depeche Mode’s famous gig in the former GDR in the days leading up the fall of the Berlin Wall.

'The Poster Came from the Walls' is purely a fan must have for those Depeche Mode perfectionists out there.

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