Last time Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster played Manchester things were and looking good. They had just release a critically received EP, 'In the Garden', and, despite no record company, a new album was on the horizon.
Two years on, however, and after various band member changes, we are still waiting their new offering so it’s a welcome relief to see this lot back strutting their stuff and, boy, do they not disappoint.

The band doesn’t seem to hit the stage but rather seem to explode on to it. Writhing like a ferret, front man Guy McKnight is a man possessed throwing shapes and generally throwing himself all over the place, including the bar top. Looking a demented Birthday Party Nick Cave, tash included, McKnight’s claim that he’s off drugs just doesn’t cut it with me.

The band, while playing some new tracks stick mainly to the classics. The always dependable 'Psycho Safari', the anthemic 'Rise of the Eagle' and the 'Disturbing Puppy Dog Snails', all do not disappoint.

It wouldn't be a Eighties Matchbox gig without the ode to incest, the depraved 'Celebrate Your Mother'.

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster promised us the new album this summer, but it has still not come out. We are left guessing whether it will ever see a release date.

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