Since forming in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1989 the Wildhearts have had a notoriously erratic history. There have been line-up problems. Its members have fought drug addiction and depression. They have had battles with record labels, and on several occasions the group has fallen into hiatus.

Only lead singer and guitarist Ginger remains out of the original line-up. Since reforming in 2006, the hard rock group, which has been described by several critics as a cross between the Beatles and Metallica, has, however, stablised to also feature Ginger's on-off long-term cohorts, C.J.(guitar and vocals) and Ritch Battersby (drums) as well new recruit Scott Sorry (bass and vocals).

The Wildhearts have also held it together to record three new albums, 2007's 'The Wildhearts', 2008's 'Stop Us if You've heard This One Before Vol. 1', a collection of covers, and their ninth and latest studio album, this year's 'Chutzpah!'.

As these photographs which were taken a gig at at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms by Katie Anderson on their latest tour reveal, the group has continues to maintain its reputation for being a forceful live act.

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