Despite being a Monday a decent crowd has assembled at the Deaf Institute.

Even a bland performance from the opening act, Table, has not dampened enthusiasm, as Fanfarlo’s Simon and Cathy take to the stage to perform a stripped down version of recent single 'Drowning Man'. It is not as powerful as the full blown recorded version but it still dances all over Table.

The full band join them on stage for the rest of the set starting with a stunning 'I’m a Pilot', the brilliant first track on their debut long player, 'Reservoir'. It comes on like a lost song from 'The Wicker Man' soundtrack if it had been perfomed by Arcade Fire. Indeed, a British Arcade Fire would be as good a tag as any to label Fanfarlo with.

Next up, 'Finish Line' moves seamlessly into 'Harold T Wilkins or How to Wait for a Very Long Time' in which band members hold together melody despite the subtle interaction of so many different instruments. These are talented musicians and do a fine job of translating their excellent studio sound into the live arena.

An untitled, but equally impressive, new song makes its live debut tonight following on from the slightly western theme tune sounding 'The Walls are Coming Down', before the band finish with the Snow Patrol flavoured 'Comets' and a pounding 'Luna'.

During in the set the band say little, letting the music do the talking, which it does with ease. The one minor gripe is that there is no place in the set for classic early singles “Talking Backwards” and 'You are One of the Few Outsiders Who Really Understands Us'.

A couple of Swedish girls performing under the moniker of First Aid Kit are next up, but no-one knows why….the highlight has already been and gone.

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