I have never seen the Gang of Four live or been to the Macbeth before, which even though it has a trendy Islington location, turns out to be a dump of a venue which has the cheek to ask for £3.65 for a pint of Guinness. Having said that though, this tiny venue proves to be near perfect to check out this secret gig from this band whom have influenced bands such as diverse as REM and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and more recently Franz Ferdinard and Bloc Party.

They play for a mere seventy minutes, and come on later than expected, but are very much worthy their legendary status. Only two originals remain, vocalist Jon King, and guitarist and now producer Andy Gill.

They, however, show us tonight how post punk should sound. They are here to celebrate their debut album, 'Entertainment', which is about to be released in a 30th anniversary remastered edition, and this is a warm up show for some later dates at the end of September. The band mix social and poltical subjects up in their pot and add just enough funk to give the real and still relevant issues they tackle a dance edge.

Andy was dressed in a suit while Jon was in a black T-shirt with a leather jacket. Jon seemed to go into a different place when he was singing, as if he was in a trance, while Andy's guitar playing has lost none of its edge.

This was a pub and this band are a legend, but, even though I was at the front, no one pushed and everyone enjoyed seeing this band celebrate itself. Everyone was also encouraged to take pictures, film, and bootleg the gig. It was well worth every minute. Punk rock never dies. It just goes a bit grey like most of its audience that play stupid money for our pints of black stuff.

Set list:

We Live
Second Life
Great Men
What We All Want
Damaged Goods
Hero (New Song) t
To Hell With Poverty

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