She Keeps Bees are a two piece, female vocals and guitar, male drums, from Brooklyn. Vocals and guitar are by Jessica Larrabee with Andy LaPlant on drums. Their bluesy indie rock goes down well at the Sowerby Bridge's Puzzle's regular Thursday night session. Starting with 'You Can Tell' from their recent album, She Keeps Trees play tracks from the album and older unrecorded material. The call for an encore is unexpected, but the band play two extras, 'Stutter' and 'Things'.

Jessica Larrabee's voice sounds a lot older than she is, like she's been drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes continuously. Whilst their lyrics sound pretty deep, and they seem totally New York cool, in reality they are lovely and friendly and excited to be in England. So nice people, great sound, talented, what's not to like? If you get the chance, catch them live.

The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Neil Bailey exclusively for Pennyblackmusic.

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