Jeniferever hail from Sweden, and this is their second tour here in just a few months. They play a decent hour long set, but do come on over an hour late, much to the crowd's displeasure. There iss a guy behind me that is their greatest fan, telling his friends every thing you don't need to know about them.

They open with 'Green Meadow Island', which is pure doom-flavoured the Cure, while the vocals from singer and guitarist Kristofer Jonson are like those of Robert Smith in a reflective mood. As it moves on, it develops more of a prog sound with some strong wah wah guitar from guitarist Martin Sandstorm.It is a long opening song which last for about eight minutes.

'The Hourglass', like 'Green Meadow Island', is from their new album and sounds like a trippy Chameleons. The vocals here seem to float over the music, while the guitars just shimmer. They are backed by gritty bass from Olle Bilius and drums from Fredrik Aspelin which perfectly match the other instruments being played. It is another a long song at around about the seven minute mark.

'Ghost from the Corner of Your Eye' is from their first album,'Choose a Bright Morning' from 2006, which is soon to be re-released. This has a calm pace until much later on when it becomes more shoegazing in spirit.

'From Across' is much more full-on, while the music is much more intense. 'Closing In' was the B side of 'Green Meadow Island'. This is a slow based number and an easy song to get lost in.

'Spring Tides', the title track from the new album, has much more depth. It has lots of spaced-out Cure-like patterns and is a song to get lost in, while Kristofer's vocals again recall Robert Smith.

'Sparrow Hills' is also from the new album, more commercial in feel and sounds like it could be a single. 'Ox-Eye', which closes the main set, is again a very moody Cure-style number.

The encore they have chosen to close with they have played before when they supported I Like Trains and is a cover of David Bowie's 'Ashes to Ashes', which they play well.

A fine band who are indeed worth an hour of any one's time.

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