The Slaughtered Lamb is a venue, which to be honest, I had never heard of until about a week before this gig. Beth Orton did a secret show there to plug the remaster of ‘Trailer Park’, but I couldn't make it. It is a venue that hosts a lot of secret warm ups and which is in a basement of a trendy pub that is full of luxury sofas.

Despite this Shelleyan Orphan play to a mere 23 punters including support bands and girlfriends and bar staff, which is frankly shocking.

Tonight the gig is unplugged and acoustic and Shelleyan perform as a two piece. The music is soft and lush and very beautiful. Caroline Crawley and Jem Tayle play to the mere few with such a warm intense feeling that, despite the small audience, their lovely songs are instantly very cheering for everyone there. They play just guitar, a squeeze box machine and something that is between both as well as both sing, and they even throw in a cover of T Rex's ‘Life's a Gas’.

This was a totally blissful experience for everyone who made the effort and was well worth the trip.

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