By now I Like Trains should have by all rights been massive. Sadly they are not and in recent months they have lost both founding member, band visualist and cornet player Ashley Dean, and also their record label deal with Beggar’s Banquet.

Support tonight is from Paul Marshall, who comes over like a combination between Nick Drake and a one man version of Travis, and Jeniferever, Sweden answer’s to the Cure.

I Like Trains have a new self-released instrumental record, ‘The Christmas Tree EP’, to plug but no one can buy it as it is so limited that has it vanished instantly. This annoys a lot of people when they go up to the merchandise stall, and they are delivered with the news that they are all gone.

Now a four piece, they are solid, and prove still able to deliver the goods as they both showcase new material and play a selection of old songs. The biggest cheers of the night from the audience come for ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘A Rook House for Bobby’ from their 2006 mini-album, ‘Progress Reform’.

The venue unfortunately cuts their set short as everything is running late and they don’t play everything they intend to, but what they do play is genius to my old ears.

Dark and earthy, these brooding Leeds-based post rockers continue to shine.

Set List :

Twenty Five Sins
A Rook House for Bobby
We All Fall Down
Lions (New song, working title)
Voice of Reason
More Weight
Hope is Not Enough (New song, working title)
Terra Nova
One by One (New song, working title)

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