Canadian band Sound and Fury are on their second European jaunt of the year. They are currently supporting Oz rockers Airbourne after previously comingover early in 2008 with their fellow Canadians Sum 41. They have been making friends and pleasing newcomers with their balls-to-the-wall blend of 70’s rock and early punk.

Sounding like a sped up version of AC/DC, it is clear from the moment the band walk on the stage that they are here to do one thing, which is rock hard. And they do this well.

The first few songs are slightly let down by the sound system, but this is quickly fixed and then the party really gets started. With songs like ‘18’ and ‘Bad Touch’, Sound and Fury quickly get the crowd going, many of whom are clearly there to see them band for a second time. More and more folk venture further and further forward with each song.

Singer Luke Metcalf is the perfect ring leader and embodies exactly what this band is about with his good time lyrics. He is backed by a technically superb group. You can see these guys going pretty far. Lead guitarist Griffin looks like he is the offspring of Lenny Kravitz or Slash and is clearly someone that was born to be on stage.

Sound and Fury show tonight that they have a lot of potential. They, however, make music for people looking for a good time rather than anything life changing. This is both their strong and weak point. Everything they do has been done before, but so what ?

This is one of the most packed gigs I’ve seen at the Newcastle Academy. More people are here at recent Dillinger Escape Plan and Bring Me The Horizon shows. There are clearly many music fans looking for exactly what Sound and Fury are selling. Long live rock and roll.

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