Recent press on CSS would make any fans of this band feel this could be their last tour due to cthe cliche of 'artistic differences’. True, recent line up changes and an ill received difficult second album have left people wondering if their time is up. If the good time bubble has, however, burst, anyone leaving the Manchester Academy tonight would disagree because this is a band on fine form.

Not quite indie, not quite electro clash, CSS take to the stage in a blaze of colour and costume, the trademark for any one of their gigs.

What becomes apparent straight away is that this band love what they are doing. They are entertainers in the truest form. As per usual singles 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' and 'Off the Hook' go down a treat. At times I felt I had arrived to watch a South American carnival, as the band in various gets ups resembled something between the cast of 'Cats' and mardi-gras. As all who like good time, the inclusion of crowd favourite 'Alcohol' went down a treat and left this writer thirsty for more.

While in my opinion recent second album 'Donkey' leaves a lot to be desired, this band has at least lost none of their magic and I look forward to their next offering.

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