Millencolin are a Swedish punk band, who are currently signed to the Burning Heart label in their native Sweden and Europe and the Epitaph label in the United States.

The group , which consists of Nikola Sarcevic(lead vocals, bass guitar) ; Erik Ohlsson(guitar) ; Mathias Färm (guitar) and (Fredrik Larzon), first formed in 1992, and have to date released seven studio albums. The latest of these, 'Machine 15', includes songs which the band recorded with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra in Örebro, and was released in Europe in April.

The band's name is derived from the skateboard trick "melancholy", and the group, who first met as a young skateboarders, has hosted a skateboard contest at their own skatepark in Örebro named the Millencolin Open since 2003.

These photographs of Millencolin were taken by Katie Andersonon the 28 September 2008 at a show at the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms during their latest British tour.

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