Glasgow is and always will be one of my favourite cities when it comes to music. Whether it’s the disco indie sound of Franz Ferdinand, or the feedback encrusted riffs of Jesus and Mary Chain, you cannot deny the city has been a cradle for some truly amazing artists. We can now add Glasvegas to that burgeoning list of great bands.

Formed in Dalmarnock, Glasgow in 2006, the band has during a short period of time gone from playing local clubs to gaining recognition on a national scale. Creation Records legend Alan McGee has sung their praises, befriending the band. Their 2007 single, 'Daddy’s Gone', became an instant classic becoming the 'NME' Readers' Poll #2 single of the year. The band are destined for big things having just scored their first hit single with the classic 'Geraldine'.

The group, which is composed of James Allan (vocals, rhythm guitar), Caroline McKay( drums), Paul Donoghue (bass, backing vocals) and Rab Allan (lead guitar, backing vocals) are about to take the stage to a sold out Manchester Ruby Lounge. Pennyblackmusic joins Caroline and Paul for a chat about life, their music and their famous influential friends.

PB : You’ve released a couple of well received singles and obviously 'NME' has picked up on your sound. Do you like being lumped in with the 'NME' hype?

PD : We don’t really like our music to be exclusive to a select few. We don’t want to get into the whole 'NME' sound. I think our music is for everyone and don’t deny one of any age and if you don’t like us, fine.

CM : Yeah, if you come to one of our gigs you’ll see a cross section, a variation of people of all walks of life. Our gigs attract all ages.

PD : The 'NME' has been very complimentary of the band, man.

PB : Obviously with the Glasgow connection, I can hear a lot of the Jesus and Mary Chain in your music.

PD : I am probably the biggest Mary Chain fan in the band but it is just the way we make our music. I think it is kind of the way we progressed.

CM : You’re always influenced by the bands you are into and we are not going to deny that.

PB: It would be interesting to hear what your other influences are beyond the Jesus and Mary Chain.

PD : I listen to a lot of Do Bop. James is really into Hank Williams and he has been a major influence, especially in the song writing.

PB : Hank Williams the first, second or third.

PD : I didn’t know Hank Williams the third sang too

PB : Yeah he’s amazing, a cross between psychobilly and country rock.

PD : I didn’t know that, I knew Hank Williams’ son sang, but his grandson too. I must check that out.

PB : He’s got a similar vocal style to his grandfather; he did a few Hank Williams covers on the Melvins’ 'Cry Baby' album. You should check it out.
Back to you guys though , when can we expect the debut album ?

PM : The first of September, the self titled debut album.

PB : Besides the album being released in September, what’s next ?

CM : We’ve got lots of festivals coming up this summer. We’re getting ready to play Glastonbury, Oxygen, Latitude, T in the Park and Reading and Leeds. We’re on the continent to. We’re playing Barcelona and Madrid so we’re busy, busy. Inevitably, we will then be touring the UK supporting the album

PB : The great Alan McGee picked up on you guys quite quickly.

CM : He’s a great guy.

PD : He’s a good guy. We were playing King Tut’s in Glasgow one night and we met him. He was just like the biggest fan we ever met, singing our praises. He really helped us out.

PB : Did he try and sign you guys?

CM : No, we don’t have a professional relationship with him. He’s just a good friend of the band. He’s not our manager. We are not signed to his label.

PB : You guys were the subject of a record label bidding war. How did you end up on Columbia ?

PD : We released 'Daddy’s Gone' and Cheating Hearts through Sane Man Recordings. Because of the hype we got from the singles five or six companies approached us. Columbia came out the best.

CM : They were just the nicest people

PB : I know it’s a boring question but what are you guys listening to at the minute ?

PD : No it’s not. Usually people just ask you what new bands are you listening too. I am listening to a lot of Bob Marley at the minute. Joy Division, I suppose.

CM : I am listening to everything, Talking Heads to Bob Dylan.

PD : Bruce Springsteen. I have just got his 'Live in New York City' album.

PB : Last question. What can we expect from a Glasvegas show ?

PD : Hopefully an entertaining night out. As we said we got people from all walks of life coming to our shows. We just get up and do what we do and people can take from that what we want.

PB : Thank you.

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